The 11th edition of TSYP


The 11th edition of TSYP

The Polytechnic School of Sousse proudly sponsored and actively participated in the IEEE Tunisian Students and Young Professionals Congress TSYP’11 titled « bringing Silicon Valley to you », held on December 18-20, 2023, at Yasmine Hammamet. The Polytechnic School of Sousse is distinguished by the high-quality expertise of its academic faculty. Our engagement included : Two workshops featuring cutting-edge topics, conducted by domain experts Salah Gontara and Hend Hcen :

  • Efficient ML Workflows: A Kubeflow MLOps Workshop.
  • From BMC to Pitch: Crafting Compelling Project Presentations – A Workshop in Entrepreneurial Communication.

A captivating roundtable discussion, expertly moderated by the talented Feyrouz Hamdaoui and animated by international experts and our distinguished experts: Salah Gontara, Hend Hcen, and Fatma Sbiaa. The roundtable is titled : Rethinking AI, a roundtable discussion on balancing technical progress with ethical imperatives. Opening and closing ceremony speeches delivered with brilliance by Dr.Salah Gontara, Mrs.Hend Hcen, and Mrs.Feyrouz Hamdaoui. An insightful international panel discussion led by the accomplished Dr. Salah Gontara. Our dedicated teacher, Miss Nedya Boufares, served as a jury member for the challenges. A special highlight : The exceptional Yasmine Ben Braiek moderated the entire congress for three days !

This significantly validates and underscores the robust strength of the academic staff within the Polytechnic School of Sousse. The active involvement of experts and their substantive contributions and leadership underscore the depth of expertise and excellence present in our academic community. 
It showcases the wealth of knowledge and experience that our faculty brings to the forefront, enhancing the educational environment and reinforcing our dedication to fostering a high-quality learning experience.
Kudos to the Polytechnic School of Sousse for its significant academic presence and contributions at TSYP’11!
The Polytechnic School is extremely proud of its talented and perseverant students for this distinguished participation. Congratulations to our winning team and to all the IEEE EPS SB members for celebrating the first anniversary with such outstanding performance.